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Get status

POST getStatus

With the transaction ID obtained from createTransaction or createFixTransaction call, you can get exchange status to notify your user or provide additional support.

Possible transaction statuses:

waitingTransaction is waiting for an incoming payment. Functionally equivalent to the new status in createTransaction/createFixTransaction response. However, when you retrieve the transaction's status using an ID with the getStatus or getTransactions request, it will be represented as waiting instead of new.
confirmingWe have received payin and are waiting for certain amount of confirmations depending on the incoming currency.
exchangingPayment was confirmed and is being exchanged.
sendingCoins are being sent to the recipient address.
finishedCoins were successfully sent to the recipient address.
failedTransaction has failed. In most cases, the reason is that the amount was less than the minimum. Please contact support and provide a transaction ID.
refundedExchange failed and coins were refunded to user's wallet. The wallet address should be provided by user.
hold*Due to AML/KYC procedure, exchange may be delayed.
overdueIn case payin for floating rate transaction was not sent within the indicated timeframe.
expiredIn case payin for fixed rate transaction was not sent within the indicated timeframe.

Changelly is not able to independently contact or reach partners’ users. In case the transaction gets hold status it is the API partner’s responsibility to provide instructions to the user. The user should contact the Changelly’s security team at [email protected] to pass the KYC procedure or any other required procedures.

HTTP request


Header parameters
X-Api-KeystringtrueYour API key (SHA256 from Public Key)
X-Api-SignaturestringtrueThe query's serialized body signed by your private key according to the RSA-SHA256 method.

Body parameters

jsonrpcstringtrueJSON-RPC version.
idstringtrueClient's custom ID.
methodstringtrueAPI method name.
paramsobjecttrueRequest parameters.

params object:

idstringtrueTransaction ID.


Sample response

"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"id": "test",
"result": "waiting"