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Create users

POST createSubaccount

For streamlined user transaction filtering, utilize the createSubaccount method.

For new users:

  1. Call createSubaccount on user registration.
  2. Save the generated subaccountId for user association.

For existing users:

  1. Upon user login, check if you have saved subaccountId for them.
  2. If not, call createSubaccount.

To be able to filter transactions by subaccountId:

  1. Include subaccountId in createTransaction or createFixTransaction body parameters for user-specific transactions.
  2. Use subaccountId in getTransactions calls to fetch user-specific transaction history.

HTTP request


Header parameters
X-Api-KeystringtrueYour API key (SHA256 from Public Key)
X-Api-SignaturestringtrueThe query's serialized body signed by your private key according to the RSA-SHA256 method.

Body parameters

jsonrpcstringtrueJSON-RPC version.
idstringtrueClient's custom ID.
methodstringtrueAPI method name.
paramsobjecttrueRequest parameters.

params object:

emailstringfalseUser's email address. Must be unique among all of your users.


Sample response

"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"id": "test",
"result": {
"subaccountId": "FhbRm-Ox"